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10 March 2016, by Sridhar Kamma
Apposphere - The first complete cloud-based application suite for businesses.
Apposphere was being developed by two tech savvy enthusiasts who happen to share the same passion outside work and within IT technologies. Working with many business applications and watching startups and small businesses struggling to find the right app for their business solution, the idea of seamless connected apps on one cloud platform was born.
16 March 2016, by Sridhar Kamma
Enterprise software used by medium and large companies is outdated, non productive and still very lucrative.
With the current user base being more baby boomers who have extensive experience in enterprise software, but the next wave of millennials who are more mobile and tech savvy would like nice and cleaner UI for their apps, and user experience would be the high definition in the current and future applications.
These are the factors that would make the business applications more appealing to next wave of demographics.
21 April 2016, by Sridhar Kamma
During our research into how small businesses use their applications tools, we were surprised to find that majority of them still manage their business using emails and spreadsheets, from tracking their leads and opportunities, and issue quotes using word, and occasionally some use financial apps to create invoices for their customers.
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