Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

Aingine is the real-time lead generation engine, and would be delivering the lead immediately when it finds the relevant lead from social media. It would depend entirely on how many are posting on social media, and somedays we cannot gaurantee leads if no one has posted.

No, we do not charge per lead currently, but as we expand our lead generation services to fetch from other premium services, there might be a charge, but we will notify you before in advance, and you may or may not wish to subscribe to those premium services if not required to.

The user can only choose to subscribe to the modules they would require. For ex: Sales user would need Aingine and CRM, and Finance user would only need Financials for billing. So Sales user would pay $20/month and Finance user would just pay $10/Month.

We currently do not offer customizations, but we do have the option to setup templates and provide the look and feel and terms that would be suitable for all businesses.

Billing Questions

Yes, we do offer yearly term, and is usually 10% cheaper to subscribe, and comes with support.

Our subscriptions start from the beginning of the month, and we do prorate the first month, and for any additional user that joins during the middle of the month.

Month to month subscriptions plan would allow to add users and remove users anytime, but they would be billed till the end of the month, but we do not offer refunds for yearly term subscriptions if the user decides to terminate before the end of the year term.

No, we currently do not allow combination of plans with multiple users. Either all users would be on monthly plan or they would be on yearly plan.