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Meet Thez
Thez is a freelance graphic designer, who used to manage her customers, contacts and leads on spreadsheet, and various apps she used to run her business. Thez used to spend 30% everyday managing her speadsheet and apps, and often spend countless hours acquiring a single customer.
As a freelancer, she was faced with the challenge of time management and charging for work done. Our mission is to help her with leads, quickly convert to quotes, track her time and invoice clients and get paid on-time.
Apposphere has the tools required for freelancers to efficiently manage clients, invoices and projects. Use Skyview to visually track each stage of your business cyle: From following up with leads, to creating and sending quotes and invoices, to creating projects with defined tasks and milestones. Everything is designed to help you save time and money.
If you need a simple, cost-effective integrated solution to manage your business, give Apposphere a try.

Thez is growing her business rapidly than ever before, so why not you?

Simple tools to manage your freelancer business
As a freelancer, your leads often look for your services on social media. Using our AI-based leads engine, we deliver those leads directly to you! Save time and money with marketing and connect directly with your leads.
Connect with your leads, convert those to opportunities and create and send quotes directly from the app. Managing your customer relations has never been easier.
Managing multiple projects for various customers can become dauting if managed on a spreadsheet or stand-alone software solution. Our included Projects Module lets you create tasks and set milestones.
Integrated billing helps you send invoices directly to your customers. Track your invoices and set up payment due reminders.
* As a Freelancer, we want to show our support, and receive 15% discount on all modules, forever!