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Apposphere’s goal is to make it easier for businesses to collaborate with customers. Included are collaboration tools like Inbox, Chat and Calendar to keep you in constant contact with your customers. Create to-do lists and set reminders for a later date. Accomplishing tasks and following up with clients has never been easier.
Easily manage, monitor and evaluate your customer interactions to drive sales growth. Seamlessly capture and assign leads to team members. Monitor individual/team efforts to convert leads to opportunities and/or quotes. Subscribe to our lead generation service (Aingine) for additional leads from a variety of online sources, based on your specific industry criteria. Create sales orders from quotes with a single click. Based on your business model, you will be able to generate sales orders or create subscriptions.
Apposphere’s project module helps users create and manage their projects. Import project tasks directly from sales orders. Create milestones, tasks, subtasks and assign team members to specific tasks. Set notifications and alerts when a task is completed/stalled and set budget alerts. One-click invoice functionality as milestones are completed help accelerate your revenue stream.
Our subscription service module offers a simple approach to setup recurring billing for your clients. Set the billing interval from predefined dates, or specify your own schedule. Setup alerts for upcoming subscription due dates, and send email reminders to your clients. Manage and edit alerts and schedules, and never miss out on any recurring revenue.
Create invoices directly from quotes, sales orders, subscriptions, or even as project tasks are completed. Identify what invoices are past due and focus efforts into conversion. Invoice management has never been easier. Our payment module seamlessly integrates with your invoices and enables your clients to pay directly from the invoice. With our module, your business can accept ACH bank payments and credit cards using Paypal. Stripe integration is coming soon.
Included in your Apposphere cloud is dashboard metrics. This module lets you see predefined metrics like sales in the past seven days, new lead count, new quotes sent or pending invoices. Do you know which leads require additional work and follow-up? Or which quotes need adjustments or additional negotiation? Which invoices are still pending payment? Our Skyview tool lets you visually track, filter and answer these questions at each stage of the sales process: Leads, opportunities, quotes and sales orders. Filter by client, SalesIndex or even by stage itself or teams.