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Meet Sandra
Sandra is the executive director for a small business, who used to manage her customers, contacts and leads on spreadsheet, and subscribed to various apps to run her business. Sandra used to spend 70% of her time everyday managing her speadsheet, apps and subscriptions, and often spend countless hours acquiring a single customer.
Managing a small business is not an easy task. Sandra used to manage her leads on spreadsheet and communicated with her leads and customers using Gmail. Her business was paper based and once she got the member info on hard copy, she created membership subscription using Paypal payment system. And manually created tasks and reminders to make sure to followup and renew subscriptions again for next term. That was really a painful and manual process for Sandra.
Apposphere changed the way Sandra runs her business, by offering our next generation lead service, Aingine, that provides real-time leads custom tailored to her specific business. Apposphere subscriptions module lets her automatically create, manage and set recurring invoices for subscriptions. Automatic reminders and alerts are generated for her and her clients for upcoming billing events. Her lead to subscriptions process has become so seamless, that she now spends more time focusing on lead generation and business growth.
If you need a simple, cost-effective integrated solution to manage your business, give Apposphere a try.

Sandra is growing her business rapidly than ever before, so why not you?

Simple tools to start efficiently
As a small business, use our AI-based lead engine to receive custom tailored leads delivered to you. Use in conjunction with our social hub, and expand your pressence online in one centralized module. Save time and money with marketing and connect directly with your leads.
Connect with your leads, convert those to opportunities and create and send quotes directly from the app. Managing your customer relations has never been easier.
Managing multiple projects for various customers can become dauting if managed on a spreadsheet or stand-alone software solution. Our included Projects Module lets you create tasks and set milestones.
SaaS-based small business helping SaaS businesses. Subscriptions module helps small businesss to generate recurring revenue from the start and helps manage automatic billing helping save time and cost from expensive third party disintegrated solutions.
Integrated billing helps you send invoices directly to your customers. Track your invoices and set up payment due reminders.